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The Genesis Design Curriculum guides children, young people and adults to a correct understanding of God’s purpose and plan for manhood, womanhood, sexuality and marriage. Everything we need to know about manhood, womanhood, sexuality and marriage can be found in Genesis 1, 2 and 3.

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Genesis Design has developed and grown over many years. It is currently taught to children, teens, and teaching staff in several African countries. It is also taught in pockets across the Western world. Genesis Design is presented through exciting and relevant lessons for all ages.

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From the beginning God made mankind, male and female,

in His image

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Today, young people are searching for building blocks. They are asking : "What should I build my life on?" Will we leave them embracing non-biblical, humanistic, immoral values of modern media, or will we show them solid truth?

They are hungry for answers

Dr Sam Fabiano

Dr. Sam Fabiano


Global Council

Robert Metz

Robert Metz

Chairperson, German

Board of Directors

Michael Kaddatz

Michael Kaddatz

Chairperson, US American

Board of Directors, Vice Chairperson of Global Council

Jos Holtzhausen

Jos Holtzhausen

Global Coordinator

Dawie Putter

Dawie Putter

Chairperson, South African Board of Directors


Peter Madaha

Director of the Global Council

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