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Our resources are a work in progress. They will be available under various conditions in 2021. If you are interested let us know and we will get back to you. 

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The Genesis Design LifeHouse


An Overview of the Genesis Design Curriculum that briefly explains each one of the 7 Biblical Truth Foundations. 

Genesis Design Curriculum Content Outline


A handbook for participants who attend a Curriculum Content Seminar, Conference or Academy.  

Training of Trainers Guide


Session by session Trainer’s Manual with PowerPoint Presentations that a teacher or trainer can use to teach the content of the Genesis Design Curriculum in various settings.

teaching genesis design

Healthy Sexual Development: A Guide for Parents and Teachers


A manual to help parents and teachers to understand the developmental characteristics of each life stage and to appropriately guide their children and teens holistically towards healthy sexual development.

Age Appropriate Lessons for 4-15+ year olds


Creative and exciting lessons with a high level of student participation in the learning process.

Each age group is taught all the Key Messages of Genesis Design every year according to their level of development in 5 age groups.

  • 4-5-years: Year 1 and 2 @ 12 lessons per year.  > Review

  • 6-8-years: Year 1, 2 and 3 @ 24 lessons per year.  > Review

  • 9-11-years: Year 1, 2 and 3 @ 24 lessons per year.   > Review

  • 12-years: 1 Year @ 24 lessons.  > Review

  • 13-14 years: Year 1 and 2 @ 24 lessons per year.  > Review


The lessons are designed on a rotating basis. No matter what age a child or young teen joins a class, he/she will receive all the key messages of the Biblical Truth Foundations. Each year they are presented in a fresh new way with different stories, different Bible passages and different creative activities.

For example, every year, each age group has lessons on the Biblical Truth Foundation, “I have value”.

The Year One lessons for each age group have been field tested and will be available at the beginning of 2023.

Foundation and Skills Booklets for groups/individual study for age 15 plus.


Several student handbooks with stories, activities, discussions and worksheets are designed to be used with a facilitator in a group setting with plenty of student participation or for individuals to work through on their own.

Age Appropriate Teacher’s Guide


Each set of lessons comes with a teacher guide to help the teacher to effectively and confidently guide the learning process for children in that particular age group. This is especially helpful for those who are not teachers by profession.

The Guide is being developed as the lessons are written and will be ready by March 2021.

Choose to Wait Booklet


The 2003 edition of the Choose to Wait booklet is excellent, informative and appealing to teens and young adults. Parents and teachers will also find this a great help in discussing the topic of sexuality with their teens.

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