meet the global council

Dr Sam Fabiano


Global Council

Sam is a medical doctor working at a missions hospital in Angola, is married to Amanda and has a daughter Isobella.
Sam has had a history of missions experience since high school and finished his final studies in Russia. He recently completed a General Surgeon's course offered by COSECSA, with distinction. He speaks a number of languages and is known as one of the most hardworking, self motivated people around.
His love for the message of Genesis Design is unquestionable as the truth of God's Word sets us free. "There is no alternative but to teach Biblical truth when it comes to manhood; womanhood; sexuality and marriage."

Dawie Putter


South African Board of Directors 

Dawie Putter is the Chairperson of the SA Genesis Design Board of Directors. He has been married to Arville for 35 years, and they have four grown children. From 1984-1988, while living and working in Johannesburg as an Engineer/Manager/Logistician, Dawie served in Youth for Christ as a volunteer where he met Jos and Sylvia Holtzhausen in 1984. The family relocated to Graaff-Reinet, SA, in 1988, where they still reside, and own a successful business. He serves as an elder in the Assembly of God Church and his wife serves on the worship team at church. Dawie recognizes the need for the Biblical teaching on manhood, womanhood, sexuality and marriage, and would like to see the Genesis Design ministry developing and expanding in South Africa.

Jos Holtzhausen

Global Coordinator

Jos studied to be a mechanical engineer. He began his fulltime ministry with Youth for Christ in South Africa in 1975. Together with his wife Sylvia, they then founded Youth for Christ in Namibia and raised their two daughters there. He then became the founder of Christ’s Hope International and also served in various international leadership roles with other ministries. One of the many international leadership roles he served in was as the Corresponding Secretary for the Billy Graham Organisation where he was responsible for arranging different delegations to international conferences like Amsterdam ’86 and 2000. In May 2019, Jos and Sylvia, founded Genesis Design as a standalone international ministry. “My desire is to see Genesis Design taught to every person, because I have seen first-hand how this Biblical truth has transformed the lives of many, irrespective of their age.”

Michael Kaddatz


US American Board of Directors Vice Chairperson of Global Council

Michael Kaddatz is the Chairman of the USA Genesis Design Board of Directors and an editor of the lessons under development. Retired since 2018, Michael is married to Mary Anne and they have 3 sons and 5 grandchildren. He was a risk management consultant, co-founding and managing a prominent US firm. After 40 years in Southern California, Michael and Mary Ann, now live in Eagle, Colorado. He is an active skier, soccer official and hiker. He was drawn to Genesis Design's Biblically-based and straightforward message and the hope Genesis Design's teachings will reverse counter-trends in today's world and restore God's plan for sexuality to the masses.

Robert Metz


German Board of Directors

Robert is married to Alicia and they have a daughter. He has just completed his studies as a lawyer and is awaiting an appointment by the German justice department. “The Biblical foundations and understanding of manhood, womanhood, sexuality and marriage are essential for followers of Christ; and one of the most neglected aspects for a good and blessed family and society in our days - especially in the developed countries of the world. Genesis Design proclaims God’s way regarding these important Biblical Truth Foundations that go hand in hand with presenting the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”