global ministry staff team

Ndemufayo Angula

Global Office Volunteer Bookkeeper

Ndemufayo works at Christ’s Hope International in Human Resources; and as Bookkeeper and Office Administrator. She leads the entire staff of Christ’s Hope Namibia. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Southern Business school; an Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Development from the University of Cambridge; and a Certificate in Finance from the University of Zimbabwe.  In her spare time, Ndemufayo does the bookkeeping for the Genesis Design Global Office. Through her work, she enjoys the opportunity to interact with people from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. “During my long-term service in missions, I have learned that I have value and I am special and this has helped me to value others and treat them with respect.”

Jos Holtzhausen


Jos has been in fulltime Christian ministry for since 1975. Jos founded Genesis Design as a standalone international ministry in May 2019 with Sylvia, his wife and author of the curriculum. They have 2 grown daughters and four grandchildren. Jos is the founder of Christ’s Hope International, and also pioneered Youth for Christ in Namibia. He has served in various international leadership roles with different ministries and is a mechanical engineer. One of the many international leadership roles he served in was the Corresponding Secretary for the Billy Graham Organisation and arranged different delegations to international conferences like Amsterdam ’86 and 2000.

Caesar Odongo

Kenya Representative, Teacher, Trainer and Lesson Writer

Caesar holds a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Social Work and Social Development from the University of Nairobi. Before joining Genesis Design in 2019, Caesar spent nine years working in Mathare Slum, Nairobi as a Social Worker and child CareGiver with Christ’s Hope International and another community organisation. He was the Ministry Centre Administrator and a Genesis Design teacher.
“I love teaching God’s Word to anyone willing to listen.”

Winfried Dörr

Country Representative

Winfried retired from his profession as a Project Engineer in 2019. He has many years of experience in mission work in Germany and Africa as an active board member and dedicated volunteer. He and his wife, Christina, were founding members of Christ’s Hope Germany. They live in Erdbach and have three married sons and four grandchildren. 

He serves on the Board of Genesis Design e.V, in Germany, and is the Country Representative of the German ministry. He is the go-to German translator of all the Genesis Design curriculum materials and serves on the Global Ministry Staff Team.

“I believe in the ministry of Genesis Design as it has had a major impact on me and the lives of my family. It's much more fantastic than I ever expected. The German Church needs this Biblical teaching as there are so many voices screaming at them, proclaiming to be the truth, when in reality they are not.”

Angela Jackson Madaha

Genesis Design Teacher USA

Angela worked as a small business consultant for the past 6 years in Chicago after receiving an MBA and working in small business for a few years. During her years as a consultant, she volunteered with several organizations to support women affected by sexual violence. She was on the Young Activist Council for the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, as well as a Chapter Leader for New Name, a faith-based organisation that reached out to women in the sex industry.

Sylvia Holtzhausen

Genesis Design Author, Teacher, Trainer and Lesson Writer

Sylvia Holtzhausen is the author of the Genesis Design Curriculum which she developed over many years of getting to know the lives and struggles of children, youth and adults. Sylvia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and years of teaching experience. She and her husband Jos, served God through Youth for Christ, first in South Africa and then in Namibia. In 2003, they started Christ’s Hope International which focused on ministry to AIDS affected orphans and vulnerable children. In 2019, they moved on to make Genesis Design a stand-alone ministry.

“I love teaching and am passionate about what I teach. I love to see lives being transformed as young people all over Africa are becoming CycleBreakers. But no amount of teaching or good programmes can bring about change. As Paul said, “All that matters now is one created anew.”  And that only comes about when a person is redeemed through Jesus Christ.” 

Carolyn Kabasinguzi

Uganda Representative, Teacher, Trainer and Lesson Writer

Carolyn has a Bachelor’s degree in Management Science, from Kyambogo University, Uganda. She worked with Christ’s Hope International as a Caregiver, Child Sponsorship Coordinator and Genesis Design teacher and trainer. Carolyn had the opportunity to interact with, and teach children of different age groups especially teenagers; as well as train her fellow colleagues. She in turn discovered her gifts and passion for teaching. “I had struggled with low self-esteem for years because I always believed I didn’t amount to anything. I tried so hard to show that I mattered. When I failed, I isolated myself from people. But through Genesis Design I learnt who I am in Christ, His beloved, chosen and highly valued. My life has changed forever since then.”

Alicia Metz


Alicia is married to Robert and they have a daughter. She is a English and Mathematics secondary school teacher. She has always enjoyed teaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to young children and teens. “What we need are courageous men and women who love and study Scripture and stand up for the sometimes-challenging truths in God’s Word. Knowing what it costs to find out about a godly way of growing into adults and starting a family late in life, I really value the work of Genesis Design. By teaching them Scripture, people have the chance to recognise the falsehoods in popular thought and instead, experience the Lord’s blessings in marriage and family.”

Peter Madaha

Genesis Design Teacher USA

Peter worked with Christ's Hope International for 7 years in Mwanza, Tanzania. He started as a Caregiver, then promoted to a Carepoint Coordinator, and finally ended up on the management team as the Procurement Manager. He experienced 2 training sessions in Namibia, one including training on Genesis Design. He taught Genesis Design to the teenagers at CHI.


He and his wife Angela started a youth group at their church, Mwanza International Community Church, where we also taught the Genesis Design curriculum. One year ago he immigrated to the USA to be with his wife and son. Currently he is pursuing a career as an electrician and building a new life and community in the suburbs of Chicago. 

Carmen Potgieter

South Africa Board Representative, Treasurer and Lesson Editor

Carmen has been married for 30 years, is a pharmacist and has two grown daughters. She is passionate about studying and teaching others God's Word. She also helps to edit lessons and cross check the various quotations from Scripture to be correct.

In her own words: "I absolutely believe in the sanctity of marriage and that marriage is for life. Therefore, I felt it important to get involved with Genesis Design, because it teaches from a completely Biblical perspective about manhood, womanhood, sexuality and marriage. It also teaches the skills required to make right and responsible choices for godly single lives and marriages that honour God. I share in the vision of Genesis Design to teach God’s perfect design for mankind as laid out in Genesis 1-3; but most importantly, to teach about the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, no matter your past."