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This Book Has a Story to Tell ...

Earlier this year, the Genesis Design Office in Namibia received an email:

"I would like to find out if you have copies of the booklet copied on this email ..."

Attached to the mail was this photo of a very well-used, dog-eared “Choose to Wait” booklet. The email was from Zeka Tjiwana (Picture below) and he told us the story:

“My name is Zeka and one of the young men whose life was hugely impacted by your booklet “Choose to Wait.” Since getting hold of the booklets back in 2006/7, I have done a lot of teaching with young people. I am honored to report that I have also witnessed lives being changed.

My family is based in Rundu, a town that has a huge record of teenage pregnancies and school dropouts. My heart aches every time I see a 14/15-year-old mother.

I feel moved by the Spirit to tackle some of these issues by being a listening ear to the pain facing teens and try to respond biblically. I decided to respond to the problem of teenage pregnancies in my immediate community by addressing the issue through Bible study and life skills classes with teenage boys and girls aged 12-18. For the last 3 weeks, I have been meeting with them on a weekly basis and I have received requests from different churches and villages to go and present these life skills and biblical sex education.

I lack materials (booklets). I only have two copies and I would like to ask if there is a way that I could have more copies? For free or at a cost? Or if I can’t get more copies, I would like to ask permission to make copies - not for sale but for distribution as a resource for the participants I would like to ask for permission if I would be allowed to translate the content of this book in two or three languages (Luchazi/Rukwangali, Thimbukuhu, and Rumanyo).”

We were very happy to send books and then to send him more books:

"I need more books! I wonder if you can send me two boxes to distribute to learners this week. I am speaking to over 500 learners in this week alone but the books are running out."

Zeka serves the Lord as a missionary with Scripture Union. He and his wife, Anita, have two sets of twins.

We were blessed to hear his report in November 2020:

"I wanted to share with you that the Bible studies that I have been facilitating in schools here have been very encouraging, and there is an increasing desire for more among learners and teachers alike. Without shame, I would like to say that the contents in the Choose to Wait booklets have brought relevancy in the daily social challenges the young people face.

I must admit that when I heard about Genesis Design, I could see myself teaching it joyfully and passionately. I am so glad that Scripture Union Namibia has given me the flexibility to integrate Genesis Design with the opportunities I have to do ministry in many schools in my region."

Class of 2020 Zeka's family


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