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2022 has been an amazing year in ministry and I bless the Lord for His mercies upon my life.

In March, together with our entire team, we had the opportunity of meeting in Kampala to get some work done as far as our curriculum is concerned and it was a success. Afterwards, we embarked on a series of teachings and trainings organised by various organisations in Kenya and Uganda. In Kenya, we started off in Tinderet, Nandi County where we had the privilege of training 60 missionaries at the DIGUNA main station. We spent a week and the impact was excellent from the feedback given. It was eye-opening as most of the participants remarked that they yearned for more as the week flew by so fast. It was time to move to the next stop: Kisumu.

In Kisumu, we had the opportunity to train 80+ staff from Christ’s Hope International. Most of them had already interacted with our materials as they teach over 300 children Genesis Design lessons on a weekly basis. We had general training before diving into teacher training for staff. We divided them into the various age groups they teach and we did some practical work concerning teaching the children. After a week, it was time to head to Nairobi.

In Nairobi, we went to Mathare slum where we had an opportunity to teach 15 staff. We gave them some general training and then teacher training to equip them in teaching the children they serve. They teach about 150 children every week using the Genesis Design curriculum. The training was a great success and I am doing follow up on what was learnt.

Then came September and I was called to go teach at the DIGUNA polytechnic in Tinderet. It was great making a return. I had an opportunity to do a 3-day weekend challenge with 100 students and 4 staff members. I was making this journey a bit handicapped, with a broken right arm and financial constraints from my medical expenses. I really felt God’s strength during that weekend and was able to stand for long hours of teaching. My equipment also worked very well during the 3 days. I was able to tackle matters on relationships, addictions and tips on studying God’s word. About 12 students dedicated their lives to following Christ.

On this side, I have been doing ministry at a local high school teaching Genesis Design and I recently helped in introducing Bible study sessions for them with the aim to learning scripture and cultivating a Bible reading culture at the school.


As we enter the festive season, it seems the work is just getting started. I have been invited to a 4-day youth camp in Kisumu from the 26th to the 30th of December 2022, where I will be among the speakers. Pray with me that God shall strengthen me and even provide the resources needed to get there. The event is an interdenominational one that will bring youth from Kisumu and other neighbouring Counties. We strive to teach them God’s Word and give them the necessary skills to deal with issues affecting them. The final day will see a soccer tournament that will bring soccer teams from around Kisumu.

In the coming year, I hope to engage in more mission work but resources are required in the form of transportation, printing costs and teaching material. I trust God that I shall be able to raise $2,000/- to be able to facilitate my ministry needs. Pray with me for God’s provision and more open doors.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. May Jesus be the reason for the season.


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