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Grace and peace to you. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to train at DIGUNA Youth Polytechnic, Tinderet, Kenya. The request to teach followed a one-week training that took place in April of this year, 2022, at their main station. The leadership saw it fit to have us back, to train one hundred students and four staff members. We are truly grateful to God for the opportunity to share His Truth with many.

The training began on Friday evening at 4:00 pm and ended on Sunday evening. During this time, we covered the Introduction to Genesis Design, Foundation 1 and Foundation 2, using the Voice of Truth and the Choose to Wait booklets.

The student’s participation was very good. Questions about daily life challenges were asked and students admitted to struggling with relationships, pornography, drug and substance abuse and gambling.

This further showed the need to share Genesis Design with young people, so they may know the Voice of Truth that they can listen to and follow.

On Sunday I was requested to share God’s word and focus on salvation. After teaching from Luke 15, twelve of the students came to know the Lord Jesus. I requested the staff and teachers to disciple and do a follow-up on them.

In conclusion, I am thankful to God for His Truth and for using us as Genesis Design to bring it to many. I pray that the seeds sown in the lives of the students will yield fruit.

Reported by,

Caesar Odongo

Genesis Design Teacher


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