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P O Box 1324; 303 Voortrekker Street


Republic of Namibia

Cell#: +264 82 661 3545

Email: info @


Easter has reminded me of the great commission to be His witnesses wherever we are and wherever we go. HE IS RISEN. There is a world out there that needs Jesus and to know that there is none like HIM. The message of Genesis Design presents Biblical truth to a confused world where so many are seeking the voice of truth. We cannot delay and must proclaim it - in season and out of season.

Much has taken place since our last communication. Great strides are being made for the Kingdom of God and His Christ.


The lesson writing team, under Sylvia’s able leadership, completed a number of lessons now being field-tested by the CHI staff in various African countries. These Lessons are being uploaded to the website so that anyone can download them free of charge and start teaching.

We had hoped to have our next publication at the printers before month’s end, but unfortunately it will not be ready in time.


The process of producing a reusable and portable LifeHouse is completed. It will enhance the clear teaching of the 7 Biblical Truth Foundations in-depth and an overview of the curriculum. We also plan to make smaller versions of the same aid for small group settings. (See the last page)

We are currently negotiating with our first graphic designer to obtain all the art and layout designs of the first publications he designed so that we can make any necessary changes and have more made. These will hopefully all be collected during the next visit to Europe.


After many hours of negotiations with government departments and banks and a trip to South Africa, we are thankful to have met all the legal requirements to operate legally in South Africa.

A new auditing firm has been appointed and a new bank account is about to be opened. The existing bank account will be transferred to a new bank in Gqeberha, where the new board members reside.

The new cross-border fiscal laws introduced by the South African Reserve Bank made it impossible for Sylvia and Jos to continue as board members, so new members were appointed in their places


We have often asked you to pray that the Lord will release people to help us. A capable and very keen couple from South Africa has come forward. Neil and Shann de Smidt visited the HQTF for a week to familiarise themselves with the Genesis Design teaching and ministry. They will be involved as partners and assist wherever they can. They will also represent the ministry at various levels of government and other like-minded organisations in the area of sexuality education.

Shann is an expert and very experienced in Early Childhood Development, education in general and lesson development. She is developing a teacher and parent manual based on the Genesis Design Key Messages that will be used to teach and train parents and teachers in Christian schools.

Shann has been tasked with adapting the Genesis Design materials for use in Christian schools in South Africa and the training of teachers.

Here you can see her teaching teachers and house parents at a ministry in South Africa using the LifeHouse.

She told us: “We are truly grateful to the Lord that God has used the two of you to create Genesis Design. It is such an incredible Biblical way to teach everyone about how, what and the purpose we were designed for! Teaching Genesis Design is everything I hoped it would be”.

It is with a sense of great jubilation that we can announce that a new Graphic Design Company has been engaged to do the lesson layout. The company will present the various projects in a “print-ready” format. Thank you for your intercession on our behalf.


Ongoing renovation work has been slow since Joseph, our handyman, moved to another town for permanent employment.

A standalone lift is being manufactured and will shortly be installed. This is a wonderful addition to the three-story building, making it possible to access the highest floor without using the stairs. We are very grateful to the Lord that it is fully sponsored, adding value to the property.

We are also pleased that a semi-retired couple moved into one of the staff houses, thereby helping to manage and take care of the facility. A blessing from the Lord!

Materials were purchased to enhance the security at the training facility where one or two “vulnerable” places were identified. Work on this has not started as again we cannot find someone to do it for us. Please pray with us about this matter. We must admit the Lord has taken care of us in remarkable ways.

To save water we installed a tank to harvest rainwater for watering the garden and wash the cars. We also discovered an old 5000 litre, unused, underground tank to catch and store rainwater.

A small pump was installed to pump water from there to water the grass which we call a lawn! It has made a difference to our water consumption.

After applying and waiting for three months for a pre-paid water meter we now see how much less water we consume. A donated solar hot water geyser was installed to reduce power usage.



A young lady who attended Sylvia’s children’s club now has her own club for children from her community in the Five Rand informal settlement. She reports:

“My small group always enjoy coming to the Genesis Design Centre for a sleepover. They love getting to sleep in their own beds and taking showers which they don’t do in the informal settlement where they live. They also enjoyed the food very much: the polonymayo bread rolls, the viennas in white sauce and the goulash.

Manhood, womanhood, sexuality, and marriage are hardly spoken about in their homes. Most of them are not in households where a loving mother and father are raising them together. They at least want to break the cycle of their living situations and societal beliefs they have been born into.

I really enjoyed using the Voice of Truth booklet. Discussing the stories with the teens opened my eyes to the many different things they are exposed to that I wasn’t aware of. I learnt so many things about them. The stories in the book are like what they experience and see in their community and gave them the opportunity to share their own experiences and beliefs.”


One of the partner churches involved in the ministry of Christ’s Hope in Namibia, recently visited the Ministry CarePoints in Okahandja. We are grateful for the continued partnership and fellowship we enjoy with Christ’s Hope International and being of service to them and their partners.

That’s one of the reasons that the Lord called us to have such a multi-purpose facility that can be used by His people for His work, His ministry, and His glory.


Some time back, the Global Council approved a ministry trip to the USA and Europe to take place when most feasible for all parties concerned. This will be the first ministry trip to Western countries to be undertaken by Jos and Sylvia since the inception of Genesis Design 5-years ago.

Initial enquiries were made last year and final dates were agreed to by all. Will you please remember them in your prayers? They leave for the USA, April 30th. Pray that the people they will minister to will be receptive to the message of Genesis Design and trust the Lord that many lives will be transformed.

Their travel schedule is as follows:

  • April 30 Depart via Cape Town and Frankfurt for Denver, Colorado.

  • May 3 Arrive in Denver after a 2-day layover in Frankfurt to meet donors

  • May 4 to 15 Eagle in Colorado

  • May 15 to 20 Chicago

  • May 20 to 27 Traverse City

  • May 27 to 31 Detroit

  • June 1 to 12 Florida

  • June 12 to 27 Fayetteville

  • June 27 to July 9 Springdale

  • July 9 to 23 Herborn, Germany

  • July 24 Arrive home, Namibia

If you want more information about their trip and who you can contact in the various places they will visit, please send a mail or call them for details.


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