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One Day Genesis Design Overview Seminar - Kampala, Uganda

On 8th November 2020, I was invited to do a one-day Genesis Design Overview teaching for Hope of Glory International Ministries (HOGIM) Leadership Team in Namuwongo, Kampala.

HOGIM is a charity organisation in Uganda whose purpose is to win souls and equip the Body of Christ for ministry work and effective leadership to transform communities for the glory of Christ Jesus. The organisation started in 2014 to reach out to pregnant women within the slum of Namuwongo. Along the way, the ministry was divided into church planting, Biblical studies, charity and outreach missions.

The leader, Joseph Bedi, who has been taught Genesis Design through Christ’s Hope International, saw the need for his team be equipped to share it with more people. Therefore, 7 people were introduced to Genesis Design. They were amazed and encouraged by God’s truth that is taught through Genesis Design and expressed their need to share what they have learnt with their friends, family and local churches.

Joseph says: “There are a lot of teenage pregnancies within this community. Prostitution, domestic violence and some underground work of grooming teenage boys and girls into homosexuality is going on. We have observed this as we worked in the slum. While this is partly attributed to poverty, lack of proper guidance remains the main cause.

Genesis Design is a good curriculum we can use to teach them because it covers all areas of life, but most importantly leads them back to Christ. We also need to teach our children so that they grow up knowing the truth, which will help them not to repeat the same choices that the older ones have made.”

Noelia says: “We started with only 10 pregnant women in the community who we empowered and also encouraged to share with others. Currently we reach over 200 women in the slum.

If we empower people with Genesis Design so that they share it with others, I believe many will be reached which will help break the cycles that are going on and on.”

By Carolyn Kabasinguzi


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