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A leading partner – Christ's Hope International

At Christ’s Hope, marriage and family preservation are part of our core-values. More than just having them on paper, we want to make sure they are an intricate part of the lives of our staff and our children.

Too often we are confronted with the devastating consequences of sin, when Biblical principles on sexuality, manhood, womanhood and marriage are not known, understood or applied. Therefore, teaching Gods principles in these areas to our staff and our children, even from a young age, is a key part of what we do.

Many years back, we did not have a programme that suited our needs. A programme that covers children as young as age 4 but also has challenging lessons for teens and young adults is not easy to find. Added to that, applicability to the African context and the importance of staying true to Scripture, it becomes nearly impossible to find a good programme you can just take and teach.

Christ’s Hope found that programme to be Genesis Design. We currently use the Genesis Design curriculum in all 7 African countries, where we minister to 1600 children at 35 ministry sites. Furthermore, over 200 of our staff are trained in the principles laid out in the curriculum. Many have testified as to how this has changed their marriages or their view on the role and function of men and women.

Genesis Design is in a phase of constant lesson development and editing and Christ’s Hope having a large ‘testing’ field for lessons, we feel we have a good partnership allowing both ministries to accomplish their God given callings. Our partnership with Genesis Design is a true blessing to us, our staff and our children and we look forward continuing on that path of being close partners.

Glenn Vantieghem

Africa Team Leader


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