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A lockdown opportunity: a family learns Genesis Design

Carolyn Kabasinguzi our Genesis Design Uganda Representative reports from Kampala – Uganda

On March 20th, Uganda went into lock down due to the world wide Covid-19 pandemic. All students went back home and many people stopped work. But it brought families together and therefore was an opportunity for me to introduce and teach Genesis Design to my family.

Between April 30th and June 24th every Wednesday and Saturday we had two groups because of the difference in age.

My first “group was just one 7-year-old boy whom I taught the 6 to 8-year old; Year 1 lessons. Being the only child was not difficult for him at all. He learned very fast and responded well. By the time public transport had opened and he was able to travel back with his family, he had learned about the Creation Story in Genesis 1 and God, the Creator.

The other group consisted of three teenagers, two girls aged 17 and 19, a 17-year old guy and a 35-year old married lady. I shared the Genesis Design LifeHouse with them. It covers 7 Biblical Truth Foundations, Choices and Skills to maintain the right choices, and become CycleBreakers in their own homes, families and communities.

Learning Genesis Design helped my family change their mindset which had been brought about by experiences, culture and wrong beliefs. At the end we held a simple pledge ceremony and pledge cards were signed as a commitment to God to stay sexually pure.

Fiona, one of the teenagers says, “I thought I didn’t have any value because of my childhood experiences and how others have treated me. Learning Genesis Design has helped me realise that I have got value and that it comes from God. I have also been able to forgive those that devalued me.”

Evelyn, the 35-year-old lady says, “I never had any respect for my husband, because I took on most of his responsibilities. My love wall had completely collapsed but after hearing many new teachings for me from Genesis Design, I am now rebuilding my love wall. I believe it’s getting stronger.


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